May 18, 2024

Important Dates

May 20 -Victoria Day (No classes)

May 22-Improv Theater Performance (10:30am)

May 23 -Zone Track & Field Meet

June 04-Band Performance (1:30pm and 6:00pm)

Art Club

Our Thursday afternoon Art Club members recently completed some incredible paintings.  The theme of the painting project was “Africa”.  The pictures are showcased in our front lobby if you would like to come see them in person.  Thank you to Judith, the instructor, for leading the students in that project.

Band Concert

June 04 will be a day for our band students in grades 5-7 to showcase their skills.  Over the course of the year, under the instruction of our music teacher Rose Boulton and several volunteers, they have been learning the flute, clarinet, saxaphone, trombone, trumpet, tuba and percussion.  Their progress as an orchestra has been formidable.

On Tuesday, June 04, they will give two performances in our school gymnasium. The 1:30 show will be for the students and staff of GES, and will be considered a dress rehearsal for the orchestra.  The 6:00 show will be for families and friends of the orchestra members and any other families who wish to attend.

Division 07 Cooking Class

Rather than a farm visit, Division 07 was treated to a cooking class hosted by PHC in collaboration with BC Farm2Schools on May 16.  They made Fritata, Granola and Smoothies.  Students participated in every aspect of the food preparation and clean up afterwards.  The consensus was that it turned out delicious.

Farm Visits

On Friday, Division 03 (gr. 2/3) and Division 04 (gr. 3/4) visited Good Earth Farm.  While there students engaged in a range of farm activities like planting vegetables, sorting and cleaning leeks, using farm tools and more.

Thank you to everyone at Hidden Pond Farm, Watercliff Farm, Good Earth Farm, Farm2Schools BC, and PHC for collaborating to make these farm visits a great success!


Mental Health Support at GES

LeeAnn Shannon is our Counsellor. She works at GES on Tues/Thurs, supporting students with their mental and emotional health.

Ms. Shannon our counsellor writes:

It is common for many of our parents, families and caregivers to support their children with anxiety. Finding effective tools and reliable resources can make all the difference. The resources below are my Top 3, go to places:

Kelty Mental Health Webinar Series

“School Anxiety & Attendance Challenges- Practical Strategies for Parents & Caregivers”


Anxiety Canada – “Anxiety in Children”
simply brilliant!

“Five Actions Toward a Healthier Digital Life” (deals with social media, cyber bullying,
appropriate online behaviours, and suicide in youth)

T-Shirt Update

We can expect our Gabriola Elementary tshirts this week!

Home things at home, school things at school

Please keep toys, stuffies and trading cards (ie/ Pokemon) at home.  Unless your child has a scheduled sharing time during the week and has been asked by their teacher to bring some personal item to school, then please leave all personal items at home.

Parents, this requires you to check regularly through your child’s backpack to see what they are bringing to school and remove unnecessary items.  Quite simply, bringing toys and personal items to school usually results in ownership conflicts and tears when items get unexpectedly wrecked.

Thank you for supporting us on that.

Student Support Fund

Could you use a helping hand with field trip fees? Clothing or shoes for your child?  Grocery funds? Other ways? We can help!  The Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation has created a Student Support Fund that schools can access to help families with these types of needs.  Please contact Mr. D: if you feel a need.  No shame involved! Mr. D has created a way for families to access this fund that is easy. Just reach out:)

Calling or Emailing in Absences

If your child will be absent, please call or email to let us know. The school phone number is 250-247-9342 and the secretary checks the messages before school every morning around 8:00.  Or, you can email about your child’s absence at:

***Please note that if you haven’t called in their absence or late-arrival, you will be called by the district’s automated call system to alert you that your child is absent.  This is a system used across the district.  Sometimes we have up to 20 absences a day so I’m sure you can understand our reliance upon an automated system as opposed to our secretary calling everyone individually.

CRC/Volunteer Info

Volunteers are very important to help ensure that field trips can happen.  Many parents wish to volunteer and are then disappointed to hear that they cannot because they have not completed a criminal record check through the district.  Here is a link to all the info you need to complete that important step and join in your child’s field trips!

Criminal Record Check Info